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Very useful to see things being done, learning multiple methods and keyboard shortcuts. Melissa is an excellent, experienced professional teacher.

I learned many new basic features that will help tremendously. It was great hands-on experience.

I enjoyed the small class size. Melissa was able to provide very focused training.

Melissa is very knowledgeable and helpful, understanding the student and answering questions.

It was awesome. I learned the basics and had never used Photoshop before. I felt comfortable and relaxed, Melissa was wonderful.

Good Teacher. Good Stuff

Melissa’s knowledge and ability to show multiple methods is what makes this class useful."

I would recommend this training to any one interested in pursuing a career in graphic design, etc.

Great workshop, I knew nothing and now I feel confident to do more.

Instruction was simply outstanding.
Photoshop - Lenwood

Loved it. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable about the Adobe Photoshop suite. I can see why she is certified. Ben - Photoshop

Melissa was very helpful, what a great instructor!
Josh - Photoshop

Made it all seem easy.
Ann Marie - Photoshop

Melissa was phenomenal all three days! Extremely personable, professional, and truly one of the best instructors I've ever had.
Chris - Photoshop

I would recommend this class but specifically the instructor Melissa Piccone is the most excellent teacher I have had. She is knowledgeable about the Adobe suite of products and is very good at communicating alternative ways of accomplishing the same task. AWSOME TEACHER!!! -
Cristina - Photoshop


Melissa made the InDesign class extremely easy to understand and stress-free. The one-on-one training created a great pace for a newbie and allowed time for all questions to be answered. This environment was especially helpful because I could use current work projects for examples during the class. I would recommend Melissa to anyone. She is fabulous, very patient and gregarious. I would give this class and instructor 5 out of 5 stars.
Mary - InDesign

Thank you - Relevant topics. Organized and great tips and tricks, good background info on question responses.
InDesign - Sandra

Everyone attention this seminar was a beginner so it was all new material. Expectations were met and now we have to practice, practice, practice.
InDesign - Suzanne

Professional, informative and current, all of my interests were covered. Excellent Course, looking forward to taking more classes in the future.

I would recommend this class to anyone trying to further their skills with the Adobe programs, or looking to utilize these programs at work or in the career field.

Thank you - Relevant topics. Organized and great tips and tricks, good background info on question responses.

Melissa Piccone was an EXCELLENT instructor. She is very knowledgeable in all Adobe Suite products and was able to effectively connect the functionality of all of them to show how they all interconnect/work with InDesign. Very resourceful in terms of tips and tricks.
Christina - InDesign

Melissa was very helpful, what a great instructor!


Thank you again for such a great class! I had never taken a virtual course before, but you made it so simple and straightforward. You clearly know everything there is to know about Adobe. You were patient and thorough and the three days flew by. I’m much more confident with Illustrator now and can’t wait to start using it at work. This class was a 10/10!
Illustrator - Natalie Chavez

The course that I took from Melissa Piccone was so great! By doing this course online I did not have to purchase airline tickets, get a hotel, find a car, and learn my way around a strange city! I could stay at home or go to my office, she and I could hear each other, she could help me by getting on to my monitor to point out an error, and she could see exactly what I was talking about and I could see and follow her on the second monitor. Plus, I could put my feet up and relax while learning. Her wit, style and passion for teaching and the use of Adobe products was very evident and I would definitely take more courses from her in the future!! A great way to learn!! Thanks Melissa!!

Melissa did a great job explaining everything and keeping her energy up. She kept the pace pretty fast but was very helpful when someone was behind and made to help them individually to catch up.

Melissa was very hands-on in that she showed several ways to do each of the sections in the Illustrator training, using various techniques. She was able to answer all of my questions thoroughly and show examples if necessary.

I absolutely loved our instructor Melissa. She was patient, kind, and funny. She made the class lively and taught me well.

The instructor was great. Very knowledgeable and patient with questions. All around good teacher.

I took a 3 day Illustrator class with Melissa. I want to Thank you for the training. That was the first time I had used Illustrator and now I feel confident that I can perform my new job duties easier. You are very patient and explained everything very well. It was easy for me to follow along and I learned a lot that will help me with my new position in my company. I am sure I will have many more questions once I start using the software more.
The Bergquist Company, a Henkel Company

I just took your class for Adobe Illustrator CCI (Jan 9th-11th). I had previously scheduled this class back in Nov. at a remote location and due to various issues I had to reschedule for January and I’m so glad that I did.

I was a beginner to Ai and you were very patient with me (and everyone else in the class). You took the time needed during class (and even after class – with me) to make sure everyone felt comfortable and confident in what was covered in each lesson. You shared information and helpful tips on where we can find additional information for Ai for future reference.

I cannot “THANK YOU!!” enough for your patience and understanding the needs of this beginner student.

If I’m ever in need of additional class training for various applications, I will definitely email you to find out if you’re teaching them and schedule accordingly.

Don’t be surprised if you get emails from me in the near future with questions
All the best,
Marketing Specialist – Rain Products


Melissa Piccone was outstanding and made difficult content digestable and relatable. Thank you!
Acrobat - Susan


For me this class was extremely helpful in understanding the foundations of HTML and CSS. As a graphic designer, the idea of coding can be daunting and it was helpful to now feel like I understand both better. It was also helpful finding out about the changes in HTML5.
Sally - Dreamweaver

The instructor was excellent. She was very knowledgeable and thorough. She was very patient and took the time to go over exercises when I did not understand the topic. I never felt rushed nor ignored. She explained the content very eloquently allowing me to understand it easily. The manual did not necessarily flow as easy but it will be a great reference for me.
Shelly - Dreamweaver

Melissa is a great instructor! She knows her material and is extremely patient. Even though the class feels like a crash course with all the material, I now have the confidence to be able to learn more about my future assignment, maintaining the website. Before the idea of that assignment had me worried.
Melanie – Dreamweaver

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