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I specialize in teaching hands on one on one and small groups. I also travel around the US and teach "heads up" to large groups of 30 -50+ students. Heads up training is not hands on. I am at the front of the room and the students watch and ask questions, but they are not actually following along and doing any exercises. The heads up training is not my favorite way to teach. I toss lots of information out to a large room full of people who are all over the place - some are very new beginners and some are very advanced. Following up with a hands-on class ensures you learn what you need to succeed.

Online Creative Cloud Classes

I have a unique way of teaching online. I prefer to use your computer most of the time instead of you watching me and then doing the exercises. I also encourage my students to bring files and work to class so we can work on it together to make sure you are learning what is relevant to you. Walking you through training on your machine ensures that you are taking it in and understanding everything. I also like to spread the classes out. You will learn and retain more information if we do one day and then wait at least a week to do another day.

Denver Metro Area Creative Cloud Training

I am happy to come to your facility and teach if you are in Colorado. Companies often have 2-12 people they would like to train at the same time. I have been to quite a few locations around Denver to get employees up to speed.

Anywhere Creative Cloud Training

I have traveled all over the US to teach and I am happy to fly to see you. /p>

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I teach a range of students from recent college graduates to individuals seeking a new career or polishing up skills learned long ago. Marketing, communications, designers, photographers, teachers and more come to learn new skills or get help on current projects.

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